Bed Bugs Infestations

Bed bugs are nuisance, creating lot of stress. If not careful, bed bugs can enter your homes from hotels through the suitcases and in a few days your home will be infested with these blood suckers. Unknowingly you can also bring them while purchasing old furnitures and clothes, or from people severely infested to other peopleís clothing. Also thereís a good chance of bedbugs entering between units such as apartments.

These reddish, flat creatures are good at hiding in any tiny cracks, out of the light, say in mattress seams, bed frames, carpeting, baseboards, within books, in telephones, within the fold of curtains etc. More often they congregate in groups, but they never bulid nests. Due to their tiny size are not easily detected. These bugs are also capable of travelling as far as hundred feet, but usually stay close to the food source, near beds and sofas where people lie down. These bed bugs are quite a menace, even a single female brought into a domicile has a potential for reproduction, the resultent offspring then breeding, resulting in a huge progression of population expansion if proper control is not taken early. The bed bugs bite marks may reveal infestations, but does not represent infestations as a whole, as there may be infestations elsewhere at home, but usually tend to stay close to their food source, hence they are called bed bugs.

Bed bugs are detected as they often leave small fecal stains. Also accidentally disgourging a well fed bug tend to leave a sweet sickly smell, a sure sign of bed bugs infestation. Also these blood feeders follow a distinctive pattern of a linear group of three bites, a cause when disturbed by a person moving. The bugs bite occur close to the blood vessels running close to the surface of the skin. As their bites cause welts and often swelling lasting longer than mosquito bites, we know that they are from bed bugs.

One of the best method for detecting bed bug infestation is to have a light source near the bed, to be switched on an hour before dawn, as itís the perfect feeding time for the bugs and you can detect them crawling into your skin. Glue traps placed in strategic locations, that emits the carbondioxide smell also attracts the bugs. Best is however to contact pest profesionals as these pests are quite elusive and hard to detect. Before DDT was banned in the 60ís, were quite effetive in getting rid of these pests; being unable to use the DDT, the bed bugs reappearance is causing a lot of problems. Also another reason for their alarming rise is that the residual sprays used for other insects resulted in their capability to even feed on these gel based insecticides.

Therefore the best home remedy for getting rid of these infestations is to apply double sided sticky tape or petroleum jelly around each leg. Why? Because these bed bugs never jump and are incapable of flying and will probably get stuck on the jellies.