Bed Bugs in Hotels

One big issue today with hotels is the nocturnal bed bugs. Not only hotel business is expanding but also the bed bugs too. They have become a real menace for travelers worldwide and a real cause for the declining business for some hoteliers. According to the Wall Street Journal, the hotels accounted for the biggest proportion of reported bed bug infestations. This recent new is thus causing a lot of stress for travelers.

It has been reported that when DDT were used way back, it was such a strong insecticide that the bugs never had a chance and so bed bugs were rare then. But now, it can no longer be used and the huge international travel seems to have aggravated the problem further. From the centers for disease control to every major player in the hotel industry, all are quite worried about their infestations. Itís noticed that some insecticides are ineffective for bed bugs eggs. House keeping too causes problems as when a maid cleans a room, bed bug often move along with her, thereby infesting other rooms unknowingly.

Pest management officials have concluded that the increase in leisure and international travel added with the spread of natural fabrics is making hotels an ever more hospitable breeding ground for bed bugs. They can get infested in your luggages as they are so tiny and cannot be easily detected and when you move, bed bugs move along. Therefore for best remedy against bed bugs infestation in hotels is for the house keeping staff to maintain proper care. The staffs should be able to recognize blood smear and how they look like. They should be able to identify the bed bugs and evidence of their activity, one clear sign is the sweet sickly smell and should be able to prepare a clear document for the pest management professionals. Also for better precaution, the hotels should have a pest management professional on call to treat the infestations as soon as possible. The hoteliers should also have a well set plan if they want visitors to stay in their hotels. They should map out their properties and assign responsibility, and staffs must have a way to communicate their observations and report immediately to the concerned person in charge.

These bed bugs are thus a real menace. They are not only irritating but also cause legal ramifications as well. Cases of law suit against hotels have been heard, famous ones like the Helmsley Park Lane by a Mexican businessman claiming to have been bitten by the blood suckers. This would not be a very good sign for the hotel industry.